AVILOO EV Battery Assessment

The battery in an EV is different to that in a petrol or diesel car and needs testing on specialist equipment when you get it assessed.

At Crossey's Garage, we’ve invested heavily in an AVILOO Battery Flash Test machine. This means that what was once a long job can be done in minutes.

Traditional battery assessment methods are often time-consuming and can lack precision. With our AVILOO Flash, the process is efficient, taking only a fraction of the time that conventional methods need. This is achieved with a dynamic pulse load that mimics real-world driving conditions. As a result, the Flash Test can accurately evaluate a battery’s condition and performance within minutes.

The Flash Test’s exceptional ability to identify problems that could otherwise go unnoticed is one of its most impressive features. The method can find hidden faults, even in batteries that appear to be in good shape, by putting the battery under realistic stressors. This proactive method of testing gives Crossey's Garage a deeper insight into battery condition, enabling us to advise you about any repairs that might need making, and when it would be best to do them.

The Flash Test provides more information than just a pass/fail verdict. It offers a thorough examination of the battery’s condition and presents the data in a manner that is easy to understand. The test generates a score out of 100, reflecting the battery’s overall health and performance.

Come to Crossey's Garage for a thorough and accurate EV Battery Assessment.

FLASH Test EV Battery Report

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