Car Brakes

Your car’s braking system is one of the most safety-critical components in your vehicle. At Crossey's Garage we never compromise on braking safety. Our skilled mechanics can carry out a wide range of braking repairs such as ABS unit replacement and coding, brake pads and disc replacements, brake fluid change and brake shoe replacement to name a few.

Some symptoms that indicate that your brakes need to be looked at include:

Squealing – Some manufacturers incorporate a squeal tab into the brake pad. As they wear, the brake tab becomes closer to the disc eventually making contact and therefore squealing to indicate they require replacing.

Vibrations through the steering wheel – Vibrations through the steering wheel when braking indicates that you may have a warped disc, this essentially means that the disc has become distorted and is not wholly perpendicular to the hub rotation. New discs will be required to rectify this.

Dampness around brake drums or calipers – This can indicate that components such as brake cylinders may be leaking which will require immediate attention.

Long handbrake travel – This can indicate that an adjustment on the rear is required or that a component is not performing as it should.

Payment Assist is an interest-free payment plan that puts you in control. At Crossey's Garage we want to help you take care of your car repair and maintenance bills, especially if something unexpected has cropped up that you might not have budgeted for. With a Payment Assist plan, there’s no setup fees and no hidden costs, just monthly payments that suit you.

To find out more about Car Brakes in Lisburn, get in touch online or call us directly on 02892 660239

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